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October 4, 2017

Economic And Financial Market Outlook 2017 Q4

The Marietta Investment Team projects that the current attractive economic and financial market environment will continu...

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August 22, 2017

The Positive Case for Global Stock Markets

At the beginning of this year, we forecasted advances in both the US and international stock markets. Our view was that ...

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July 6, 2017

Economic And Financial Market Outlook 2017 Q3

At the beginning of 2017, the Marietta Investment Team forecasted that the first significant acceleration in global grow...

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May 12, 2017

Earnings Update

The past two Marietta quarterly Outlooks presented a positive case for equity markets in 2017. From the Q1 Outlook: R...

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April 19, 2017

International Monetary Fund Supports Marietta Global Economic Outlook

Our April Outlook reiterated our positive January forecast that the world’s stock markets would rise in 2017 in respon...

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April 4, 2017

Economic And Financial Market Outlook 2017 Q2

Recent indications of an improving global economy confirm our year-end view that global GDP growth will accelerate signi...

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