(1)intended for a definite purpose
(2)planned and fashioned artistically or skillfully.
and manage highly personalized investment programs.

We serve clients who are looking to invest for the purpose of:

  • Growing wealth
  • Producing income
  • Preserving capital

Marietta portfolios are growth-oriented.

We take a global perspective in identifying favorable market trends and industry-leading, growth oriented companies with above-average stock appreciation potential.


Marietta portfolios control risk.

Asset allocation is based on your long-term objectives, as well as on Marietta’s Economic and Financial Market Outlook. The equity sector is broadly diversified and contains well-established companies. The fixed income sector emphazises high quality bonds.


For individuals and trusts desiring a long-term investment program.

We work with you to establish appropriate objectives and guidelines based on your unique circumstances– creating an investment strategy designed with lasting strength and stability to achieve your goals.

Personal focus. Global perspective.