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man and a woman holding hands at a wooden table

Major Life Changes

Your spouse always managed your financial and legal affairs, but they have passed on. Though you prepared for life without them, you feel overwhelmed. There are many tasks to accomplish and major decisions to be made, all while you deal with grief and loss. You need a trusted advocate to work with you through this difficult process.

Marietta’s Approach

Establish Timeline:

Marietta gives you peace of mind by establishing a timeline. Documents need to be signed, accounts need to be opened and closed, and money needs to be moved, often with tax implications and time-sensitive deadlines. Marietta’s operations team helps you prioritize tasks, collect information, and walk through the paperwork, streamlining the process along the way. We give you the space you need to grieve while keeping you up-to-date with important goings-on.


Marietta helps you take charge of your finances. The Investment Team updates all clients at least quarterly with our proprietary Economic and Financial Market Outlook, but you can communicate directly with your Portfolio Manager at any time to see how the outlook impacts your portfolio specifically. You are informed and in control.

Collaboration with Experts:

We work with your desired accountants, estate attorneys, and trustees to come up with a comprehensive strategy tailored specifically to your circumstances. If you don’t have preexisting relationships with these professionals, we can offer referrals from our trusted network.

Financial Security:

Marietta listens. We want to know your current and ideal lifestyles, consumption requirements, and long-term goals. Together, we create a balanced plan that incorporates your day-to-day cash flow needs and desired annual income, while providing opportunities for investment growth and protection so you don’t outlive your money.


We understand that all relationships are complex, especially so during major life changes involving family members. This is why Marietta takes our commitment to confidentiality so seriously. We never disclose client relationships unless given a specific directive to do so. Your privacy is our priority.


No matter your level of investment sophistication, we take the time to make you comfortable with the big picture. We want you to know exactly what we do on your behalf, how we do it, and why. Your overall portfolio strategy emphasizes personal needs without compromising your values in individual investments.

Find out how

Marietta helps you adapt to life's changes

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