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Multi-Generational Family

In past years, you and your spouse worked with Marietta to deliver a long-term safety net for your children. In time, these portfolios provided one child with the initial investment to start a new business and allowed another child the means to pursue a career in politics. Now retired, you wish to once again provide a long-term safety net, this time for your grandchildren.

Marietta’s Approach

Your Timeline:

As a leader of your family, you put a high value on discretion. You want  from anyone else until you are ready. We understand how the expectation to inherit substantial wealth can alter one’s perspective. When the time is right, we work with you and your heirs to generate a meaningful and responsible plan.

Your Values:

The people who work at Marietta have gotten to know your family over the years. They are keenly aware of your unique situation and know all the related parties. This continuity is of the utmost importance in adhering to an investment philosophy from one generation to the next without compromising your values.

Collaboration with Experts:

We work with your desired tax professionals, estate attorneys, and trustees to come up with a comprehensive strategy tailored specifically for your needs and the needs of your heirs.

Financial Education:

Marietta dedicates a portfolio manager team, a research team, and an operations team to give responsive action regarding any questions or concerns your family has. If desired, we work directly with children and grandchildren to deliver financial education.

Family Meetings:

Occasionally, you feel the need to update your family members on your wealth transfer plan. Marietta partners with you to bring the family together, review family history, investment objectives, and beneficiary responsibilities. We walk through various scenarios and make it clear to all parties what steps to take to make the transfer as easy as possible.

Trustee Support:

We work closely with trustees to ensure that fiduciary duties are maintained. Marietta’s operations team provides reports that will aide a trustee’s administrative responsibilities. And if desired, we help to communicate investment plans and portfolio strategies to beneficiaries.

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Marietta builds lasting legacies

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