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marietta gives

Marietta Fall Giving Roundup

Friday, December 18, 2020

Marietta is committed to continuing our support of local nonprofit organizations through this challenging time. We are honored to have been sponsors of virtual fundraisers for the following organizations during the fall season:


Tricia’s Troops Cancer ConnectionMake A Memory Event on Sept 18-27, 2020

  • Tricia’s Troops provides financial assistance, service coordination, and supportive care to cancer patients throughout Southeast Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Public Library FoundationBenjamin Franklin Awards on October 1, 2020

  • The Milwaukee Public Library Foundation provides essential support for books, materials, programs, and library facilities for the Milwaukee Public Library. They have also developed a COVID-19 Relief Fund to support innovative community recovery programs during the pandemic.

Teens Grow GreensTeens Grow Greens Chef’s Dinner on October 22, 2020         

  • Teens Grow Greens develops teens through transformative experiences. They train teens through a 9-month paid internship program that offers not only hands-on work experience and skills training, but also a sense of community and opportunity for holistic development.

Malaika Early Learning CenterCelebrate Malaika on October 29, 2020               

  • Malaika is an early childhood education center located in the Harambee neighborhood. Malaika works with families to establish a strong academic, social and emotional foundation for their children.

Maryland Avenue MontessoriFall Giving Week on November 9-13, 2020     

  • Maryland Avenue Montessori (MAM) is an MPS Montessori school located in the East Side of Milwaukee that seeks to inspire life-long learners. MAM provides a nurturing and innovative environment and encourages strong parent and community involvement.

Milwaukee Symphony OrchestraSetting the Stage on November 14, 2020             

  • The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (MSO) is both a world-class orchestra and provider of nationally recognized educational and outreach programming. Even during the pandemic, the MSO has continued to engage with and uplift the community both in socially distanced and virtual capacities.