Promising News from China

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On January 17, China announced that its economy expanded 8.9% year over year in the 4th quarter. The news triggered a 4.9% jump in the Shanghai stock market, which was the largest single session gain since October 2009. On this news, the U.S., European and other global markets also rose.

The 8.9% GDP growth is the slowest advance in 10 quarters and is attributed to slowing export demand and a weakening property market. This increases the pressure on Premier Wen Jiabao to ease monetary policy, which would be viewed by investors as a strong positive for the Chinese stock market. On the other hand, the 8.9% was above the 8.7% median estimate of a consensus of economists, and well above the 8% that policy makers consider necessary. This supports the argument that the Chinese economy will experience a “soft landing,” which would also be very positive for the Chinese and other global stock markets.

A “soft-landing” in China and other leading economies is very important to the positive economic and market forecast presented in our January 3 Outlook. Emerging economies now account for 50% of the world’s GDP and approximately 70% of GDP growth. Healthy and sustainable growth in the Chinese economy is thus necessary for a global economic expansion requisite to support a resurgence of international markets. The news is very promising, but not decisive.