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20th Happy Hour

Marietta Celebrates 20th Anniversary and Succession

Monday, October 5, 2020

Marietta Investment Partners is honored to celebrate a major milestone of 20 years in business. Additionally, we proudly mark the one-year anniversary of our ownership transition which was featured in the BizTimes.  

When asked what he is most proud of from the past 20 years, founder John Evans said that without a doubt Marietta’s greatest achievement is “the formation of a team of highly talented, experienced, knowledgeable, and personable professionals who are dedicated to providing clients with outstanding service.” 


In August 2019, John’s ownership officially transferred to the rest of the Marietta family. The succession plan honors Marietta’s sense of family and friendship through a new model of partnership. The current partners and owners of Marietta are Mary Allmon, Lori Brook, Robert Draper, Charlie Evans, Amanda Grams, and Jonathan Smucker. 

Though this group constitutes Marietta’s “new leadership,” it is made up of home-grown professionals who have thrived under John’s mentorship and have worked together as a cohesive team for over five years. Five of the six partners were born or raised in Wisconsin, and all are firmly planted in the area through family. While the median age of this group is relatively young, it boasts 64 years of collective experience at Marietta, two MBAs, a JD, and a CFP.® Marietta remains not only 100% employee owned through this succession, but the new ownership is majority women and minority owned.  

Mary Allmon, Partner and Portfolio Manager, who was recently featured in the BizTimes as a notable woman in finance, says, “as a woman in the finance industry, being able to also be an owner significantly elevates my opportunities and the pride I take in my work. Supporting women in business is longtime goal of mine, and our emphasis on this makes me excited to work at Marietta.”  

Moving Forward 

For the next five years, John will continue to be a chief decision maker as Managing Director and will participate in the management of the business together with the new partnership group. Charlie Evans, Partner and Director, says that in the next 20 years of business, Marietta will continue his father’s legacy of putting clients first while adapting strategies for the future. For instance, with an eye toward staying at the forefront of industry trends, Partner and Portfolio Manager Jonathan Smucker has developed a proprietary method to rate a company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) qualities.  

Though Marietta’s future holds exciting new developments, John’s emphasis on relationships, integrity, and humility will remain the core tenants well after he has moved on from the business. Amanda Grams, Partner and Senior Portfolio Administrator, reflects that “the words of John Evans will always be in the back of our minds as we start our new partnership journey. His methods and wisdom have been the foundation of Marietta and I don’t think that will ever change.”