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MAM Springfest 1

Marietta Sponsors Maryland Avenue Montessori’s Springfest

Monday, April 1, 2019

On March 29, 2019, Marietta had the honor of sponsoring Maryland Ave Montessori’s (MAM) Springfest. The event took place at the Historic Pabst Brewery and was MAM’s 11th annual auction fundraiser. The funds raised at Springfest support projects and programs that enhance the educational community and MAM’s commitment to “creating a dynamic learning environment where all students achieve academic excellence, develop positive character traits, and accomplish personal goals as active citizens.”

Marietta is devoted to actively supporting local organizations, and we believe that MAM has a wonderful mission to serve families across Milwaukee. Portfolio Manager Robert Draper is also a proud MAM parent. Check out the Springfest Sponsor Spotlight for an interview with Robert and for a full list of supporting organizations.