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LFOA award

Marietta Honored for LFOA Sponsorship

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

On Thursday, July 18, Marietta was honored to receive an award from Friends of Art for our commitment to the arts in Milwaukee through our sponsorship of the 2019 and 2020 Wine Garden at the Lakefront Festival of Art. The festival, which has attracted artists and art lovers to Milwaukee’s lakefront for over fifty years, was another beautiful success this year. Marietta had an incredible experience being a part of this important community event, and we were especially impressed by the passion of the LFOA volunteers who help to make the festival possible. Marietta’s Associate Director, Charlie Evans, noted that “I have never been around a group of volunteers who care so much for an organization and cause where there is no direct personal benefit to them.” Marietta is a proud supporter of the arts in our vibrant city, and we look forward to continuing this partnership in 2020.