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Acts Housing 1

Marietta Supports Acts Housing

Friday, August 9, 2019

In the second quarter of 2019, Marietta raised funds for Acts Housing through our Jeans for Charity program. Their tagline is “renters to home owners, houses to homes, blocks to communities,” and their mission is empowerment through home ownership. Acts provides counseling, real estate brokerage, rehab expertise, and rehab loans so that low income families can viably purchase a home and make it safe and livable.

On August 1st, Marietta was also a sponsor of Act’s biggest fundraiser of the year, The Longest Table, located at Jan Serr Studios in Milwaukee’s historic East Side. The idea behind the longest table theme is that everyone deserves a seat at the table; the sit-down dinner was thus arranged as one very long table that snaked its way around the room and food was served family-style. The event hosted over 450 guests, who were treated to a mariachi band, cocktails, and a silent auction before being ushered upstairs for the program and dinner.

Marietta is proud to support Acts and the vital work they do to make Milwaukee a stronger, more stable community.