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Teens grow greens

Marietta Supports Teens Grow Greens

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

In the fourth quarter of 2018, Marietta raised funds for Teens Grow Greens through our Jeans for Charity program. TGG’s mission is to “develop teens through transformative experiences that cultivate belonging, skill building and connections to opportunities that grow leadership.” TGG offers a 9-month paid internship program for low-income students, providing hands-on experience and development in areas of health and wellness, life skills, and entrepreneurship. The program has expanded to Webers Greenhouses, which employs graduates of the TGG program. Marietta is honored to support Teens Grow Greens and their commitment to fostering a healthier Milwaukee and growing the next generation of leaders in our community. Portfolio Manager Jonathan Smucker also serves as the Marketing Committee Co-Chair for Teens Grow Greens.